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Our Beliefs

At Thrive Therapeutics, we believe the body can heal itself.

The stresses of modern life can overload our natural healing capabilities. When our body experiences too much injury or stress, it can no longer heal itself.

That’s where Thrive Therapeutics comes in.

We work in partnership with our patients, so they can return to wellness and restore their own self-healing capabilities.

The Result?
They feel better than ever!

How can we help?

Is chronic pain controlling your daily life? Do you plan activities based on whether you are “up to it” or not? Do you feel as though you’ve tried everything and gotten nowhere? This seems to be a common theme among our new patients. Through a personalized combination of Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates, we will work with you to formulate a plan that gets you back in charge of your life.

Our Services

What makes us different?

At Thrive Therapeutics, our goal is to help YOU realize YOUR OWN ABILITY to maximize your health and wellness. This process requires you to be committed and dedicated to your own transformation. Through regular education, motivation and guidance from your personal support team, you’ll feel empowered in your own progress.

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    ANDREW HARRISON- Registered Massage Therapist & Osteopathy Student Extraordinnaire
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what our clients say


  • ~J.B. July 2018
    After my second child, I was diagnosed with cystocele, rectocele and prolapse. After seeing my gynecologist, I was told there was nothing I could do but kegels and eventually (in my 40s or 50s) I would need surgery to help, but not solve, the problem. After sharing this uncomfortable news with a good friend, I was referred to Thrive Therapeutics for clinical pelvic floor Pilates, and it has made a world of difference. I walked in unsure of what to expect, but after 6 weeks of treatment my gynecologist has seen significant improvements. I have no more discomfort and feel stronger than ever. As of last week I've been told I no longer require surgery and to continue with the pilates as a proactive means to keep my issues at bay. As the mother of 4 small children, this clean bill of health is an incredible relief. To anyone suffering from the same problems I would HIGHLY recommend attending Thrive Therapeutics for a consultation. It just might change your life. 
    ~J.B. July 2018

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