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I recommend Thrive Therapeutics to everyone who is interested in following a constructive path and having knowledgeable staff create a calming or fast-paced atmosphere, keeping you healthy in every area you are searching for! C.A.

After my second child, I was diagnosed with cystocele, rectocele and prolapse. After seeing my gynecologist, I was told there was nothing I could do but kegels and eventually (in my 40s or 50s) I would need surgery to help, but not solve, the problem. After sharing this uncomfortable news with a good friend, I was referred to Thrive Therapeutics for clinical pelvic floor Pilates, and it has made a world of difference. I walked in unsure of what to expect, but after 6 weeks of treatment my gynecologist has seen significant improvements. I have no more discomfort and feel stronger than ever. As of last week I've been told I no longer require surgery and to continue with the pilates as a proactive means to keep my issues at bay. As the mother of 4 small children, this clean bill of health is an incredible relief. To anyone suffering from the same problems I would HIGHLY recommend attending Thrive Therapeutics for a consultation. It just might change your life. J.B.

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